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Welcome to our "multinational" photo site. The photos in the TOP PHOTO section are foldered in 5 categories. All in all it is a bit of each taste - from the Tatra´s peaks through the Tower bridge to pictures of unbelievebly photogenic Cubans. A bigger number of pictures and their division into categories will soon be placed in roll - window next to the flag icon. Just dare to come in and you will sense our travel experiences along with us even without travelling.
In next VOTING section you can tell us your opinion on selected new pictures. The voting is reversed to school notes:
  1  - I don´t understand what this photo is doing here
  2  - I wouldn´t put it in here
  3  - I can do that too
  4  - This one is O.K.
  5  - A large format is a must for this!
After voting completion and new pictures arrival (about 2-3 months) ratings will be shown in archive.
In the last SLIDESHOW section there are monothematic blocks with a bigger number of photographs which passed only a basic selection, but can contribute to get to know the place better. You can either open a photo by clicking on a thumbmail our launch a slideshow and set a time for slide switching. Maximum resolution of photos in this section is 680x483 pix and the file size is usualy 70-150 kB.

The Spectators contest prize winner, Camera Slovakia 2009, category Landscape


Pictures submited to the contest
Camera Slovakia 2009


MuiNe 2

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